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  • Hey everyone!

    Roughly two years ago I started playing around with the first release of the Kubricks theme. Since then, we got hooked on WP, build our own theme from scratch, made (bad bad bad idea!) major customization to also the WP core files, that was prior to WP 1.5 coming out, then took all (well, 99%) customizations and converted them into plugins just before upgrading to 1.6. We’re now at release 2.03 and have the next big additions in the pipeline…

    Excellent application, excellent community! Thank you all!

    If you like, check us out at:

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  • That’s a great looking site, and it’s wonderful to know it’s running on WordPress!

    Beautiful blog/site… now I’m hungry… 🙁

    Thanks guys for the kind feedback! But – of course – I’m also always happy to listen to a word of advice or generally, constructive criticism.

    Since we only test on IE6/7 and FF2 I’d be curious to understand if there are any other browser showing a broken layout…


    It looks fine on Opera/FireFox/IE/Netscape on my Windows machine, and looks fine on Linux using both FireFox and Konqueror… didn’t check with any other browsers, as the machine I need to use is busy compiling some code at the moment…

    There’s the usual (expected) differences in font rendering and such, but no breaking of the layout on any of those browsers at 1024×768 resolution, or at 1280×1024…

    And it looks good on them all… a bit slow loading, but with 161 images, that’s to be expected, too…

    Hope that helps.

    Wow, thanks JeffGu for testing! Glad the layout works on the ones you were able to give it a shot. Yeah, we know about the number of images and will try to reduce them – but then again, they’re almost an integral part of the blog…

    xinfo, this looks like a great link/tool. ‘will check it out in more detail…

    My GOSH that’s a yummy site (literally!) Death to the poor dieter – moi, of course….

    Love the look, layout works great, and while normally I don’t review content, who can resist Blackberry Smacks? So tomorrow, after doing the weight conversions, I’m baking some!

    Best to you….

    vkaryl, thanks. those blackberry smacks from Nicky are highly addictive, be warned 😉

    xinfo, I guess there was a typo in your link, seems to be the correct address – sweet tool btw!

    sorry for that mistake i posted that reply via mobile [n 7610]even now

    Beautiful site! are the icons next to the post titles generated based upon the category or manually added? You’ve got me thinking about doing the same to my site HAINSWORTH.COM.


    Cheers! Yes, the icon(s) get(s) dynamically added based on the category(ies) the post is linked to. This was one of the first plugins I used, well back then it was a “my-hacks.php” type feature more than a real plugin: search for “category_images”…


    which software you use to make image corner round?

    The round corners we’ve done since the birth of our blog, and while they’ve been in present print for a while (8-10 years) they seem omnipresent in the internet world these days.

    Sorry didn’t mean to ramble, we use Photoshop 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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