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  1. williamt
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    Hi guys and gals,

    I have a friend who I've just got into blogging and I've set him up with a blog on my server, now like I said he's new to the blogging scene and the question I am about to ask you is somthing that I could not answer to.

    My friend has set up two pages to acompany his blog these are flickr page and del.icio.us page.

    He want to be able to show his latest links in del.icio.us and his photo stream on the flickr page.

    I'm just starting to teach him how to custom modify plugins however for the moment he needs a plugin with a visual interface for both a flickr and del.icio.us plugins.

    So do you know any which would be easy for him to install and maintain?

    If not do you know of any good plugins which do require some tweaking or a really good tutorial for creating a plugin.

    I hope you can answer his questions and even help me to know for next time.



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