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  • So Delicate is an incredible theme. I have already removed search bars, only put the header on a single page.

    But What I want to do is remove the white behind the Header.

    Something like this website:

    I know its not built with Delicate, but I would like to modify the City’s website I am building (For another city) in order to have a similar feature.

    Is that possible? I have not been able to figure out a way to do it.


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  • Josh


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    Your site URL would be most helpful.

    The header in the site you are trying to mimic is a .png image file. So, I’m sure it’s using a transparency. You would need to create a header in Photoshop (or it’s equivalent) with a transparent background.

    well the website I am currently working on is here:

    Its a temporary url for now.

    It is still being built and customized. But the White in the Back of the header is there. The Header is a PNG. But I want to Recreate it without the Blue and change up the background if I can.

    Or How can I change the Header Size, so that It Does not have a margin at the top, or on the side.

    Then I can replace the image with this image: and just replace the background with whatever i need:

    How did you remove the search bar from the header?

    Open the header.php file and comment out lines 76-78 like this:

    <!– <div id=”top_search”>
    <?php get_search_form(); ?>
    </div> –>

    Now your Search bar will be gone 😉


    hi tjdyo, i’m working with the delicate theme too and i saw your site, can you tell me how you removed the text on the right of slider images? Is that a slider based on pages right?
    thanks if you can help


    Hey Biretta, in order to remove the text on the right of the slider images just go to Appearance>Headers> And Check on Display text to No.

    Also you can make it so the Headers only show on the home page if you want by editing this line of code in the header.php file:

    <div class=”head-img”>

    change it to:

    <?php if( is_home () || is_front_page() ) :?>
    <div class=”head-img”>
    <?php endif;?>

    If you do not want it on the blog section as well just remove the is_front_page part.

    oh thanks, that was easy, never realized that was there to put hands

    thamks for the quick reply

    Can Anybody possibly help me out on my question? I’m really stuck with this right now

    Okay I figured it out, open the Style.css file and change line 142 from:
    #header {height:111px;}
    #header {height:111px; margin-left:-30px; margin-top: -13px}

    Then make your Header 1030Px wide 😉

    Done 😀


    I am also using the Delicate theme and I’d like to remove the Delicate sign. I disabled the header but its still there. Could anybody please help me. Thank you.

    My website:

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