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  • Hey,

    I received an email today that my plugins were removed from the official word press page because they contain compresses JS Code and partly stuff released under CC License.

    I mean in general this is ok. BUT a complete delete of the repository and plugin page of a plugin available since years and used by hundreds of Installations? Is it so hard to “ask” the plugin author to change this and give him at least 24h instead of a DELETE *.* ?

    I mean most plugin devs are doing it in their spare time and so even 24h is a bit rude. But just sending a confirmation “Hey just let u know the plugin was deleted” isn`t any good behaviour at all. My Mail Inbox is exploding because dozens of users wondering what happens.

    Really this resets my motivation for future involvement on any word press related project to a minimum. It would be no problem for me changing the Plugin to fit the requested needs but just deleting a well-used plugin without any chance of rectification is inappropriate.

    Best regards…

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  • Highslide is one of my ALL TIME favorite plugins to use on client’s websites. I am dismayed that WP has removed it from the repository. Solariz-please don’t stop developing; other developers like myself will continue to use your awesome contributions to the WP community.

    Hello Marco , can I simply copy your plugin via FTP from an other wordpress site to the content of a new one and get it work ?
    Thank u in advance

    yesss it works 🙂 i did it

    Yes this is no problem.
    For the Future I will first offer a download on my page too and then try to find a solution for this licensing crap. I mean Creative Commons isn`t allowed… what a bad joke.

    Hi Marco it is unbelievable behavior of wp for me. I like your plugin and I use it on all my sites. Do not be discouraged 😉 and place your plugin to your blog at least.

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