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  • I upgraded to 1.2 the other day, and am quite dismayed to see that deleting a user will still delete all the posts made by this user. Personally, I find this very impractical, and I hope to see this changed later, so that all posts would remain even if the user is deleted. On the same token, perhaps something along these lines would also work nicely.
    Under the “Users” tab, allow the administrator to click on a user’s name to display all posts and comments made by that person. Then perhaps, a check box list of all posts the administrator would like to delete (like mass editing) with an additional “select all” button.

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  • WordPress sticks to the stand that the author of a post “owns” the article, and so it is that the posts are deleted when the author is. The issues are not technical as much as they are related to how best to ensure that the users have absolute control over their posts. I see your point, though.

    Ah, I guess I never thought of it that way before. I guess it makes sense. Then again, I don’t intend on letting other users post entries anyway, so I wonder why I asked this question in the first place. =D

    So did something change? I thought only deleting a user of level 0 deleted all posts (or was it changing a user to level 0 then deleting saved the posts?). Anyway, there is a difference between those who “post” and actual authors. There are many instances of WP where volunteers post info on a group blog and when the volunteers leave, their posts should stay.

    Here is an example of an installation done for a church…
    Let’s hope they don’t delete a secretary and lose all the sermons she typed into the blog!

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