Deleting user and preserving the pages (2 posts)

  1. martinv5
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I recently run into a problem - I deleted a user and since there was number zero in the Posts column on /wp-admin/users.php I thought that he has no posts or pages. So I didn't selected "Attribute all posts and links to some other user" option.

    Later I discovered that there are several pages missing on my site. So what's the deal with the pages? Posts column on /wp-admin/users.php is simply showing just the number of the posts, what about pages? This can lead to some serious confision and troubles.

    Please help, thanks!

  2. Axel Berger
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is too late for you, but I have created a pseudo-user called "deleted user" for just this purpose. If I need to delete someone, I'll attribute all his stuff to that user.
    N.B: I'd have expected this to be an intrinsic function of a blog, but the workaround was simple.

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