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  1. pearlsof
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    I used WP to create a blog last week, and I've noticed a new section appear in the admin table called 'incoming links.' It lists a series of pharamceutical websites, that I have no connection to. A few days later I got the following email from my web host. Any ideas on how to remove the incoming links. They appear to be taking over my website?

    Many thanks,

    Message from host*****

    We were monitoring the server that hosts your account and noticed that your website was consuming a very high percentage of the server resources, thus endangering the overall performance of all the sites on the server. To keep the server at normal CPU load, we had to limit the shared server resources your account may use. This may result in occasional "Resource temporary unavailable" error messages, shown on your website.

    We have conducted an investigation and it turned out that you have 2153 internal links most which look like this

    2079. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-13487

    2080. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-5329

    2081. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-12887

    2082. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-7378

    2083. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-1011

    2084. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-1342

    2085. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-6035

    2086. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-13296

    2087. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-4572

    2088. http://www.picketfencefinancial.com/topic.php?p=9-5614

    Most those links take more than 10 seconds to load. Thus every time some those links are visited by human or bots the PHP process spawned takes a lot of time to complete, which can result in overloading the server resources.

    To have the limitation removed as quickly as possible, please contact us to inform us what solution you have taken to optimize the performance of your website. If this problem with your website is not resolved in 7 days we may need to SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT.

  2. SWIC
    Posted 6 years ago #

    did you ever resolve this? I am looking for ways to discconnect the incoming links feature. I know that it is counter intuitive for a blog but we need to limit outside content linked to our site as our viewers reside in a country that still limits internet access and has done so to our site. We believe the content is linked through this incoming link. Thanks

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