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  • I’ve often wondered why WP creates three jpgs for every one that I upload and now I know why. It’s in my media settings.

    Anyway, the way I work is to upload a jpg which is he size that I want and if I want to link to a larger image then I upload the larger one and link to it.

    So it would seem that I don’t need all the additional jpgs.

    Is that correct?

    If so then what’s the best way to delete them?

    I know there are plugins but I also see in media when I go to the site that many jpgs are marked as “unattached”.

    So what do you recommend?

    It would also appear that I can remove all the sizes in my media settings, is that correct?


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  • Krishna



    You don’t need any plugins for posting images to your posts. Upload the original sizes of photos (only one copy each). Featured images (thumbnails) shall be created by WordPress.

    Thanks Krishna.

    But I don’t want WordPress to create any images for me.

    I use different size thumbnails and wrap text around them.

    I want to delete all unused jpgs and stop WordPress from creating any.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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