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  • Hello, I’m a graphic designer trying to get a site up for work. I’ve chosen to edit the Small Business theme. My site is

    The problem I have is that I can’t take out the readmore button. I’m fairly sure that the code is in the Page Template (page.php) file.

    Also, I tried to make a child theme of the Small Business. The child theme plugin i got made a child theme but all that was in it was a style.css importing the css from the parent theme. Since I had to edit the .php files too , I just edited the original parent theme. I’m hoping that I can change it to a child theme at the end or have a way to get a child theme that actually shows all the files im editing in the editor. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  • No, you do not want to create a child theme later — it is much more complicated and prone to have problems. When you have a child theme and need to edit a php file, you need to make a copy of the parent php file and make changes on the copy — which goes in the child theme folder. Review Child Themes if you are confused about that:

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