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  • Besides the fact that your plugin is sending random cron job junk to us, when I tried to delete your plugin it deleted most of our client’s WordPress files! All of the root and wp-admin and all of the index.php files! I had just updated the plugin yesterday (10/22/18), but decided not to keep it. Luckily, we have nightly backups. I would not recommend this plugin, and if you do risk your site with it, delete it using FTP or cPanel.

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  • Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @developerdoll,

    We are really sorry this happened. There was a bug in our 1.11.2 version where we made a small change we that probably caused this behavior. We can’t unfortunately seem to reproduce the issue, but made a patched version 1.11.3 that should fix it.

    Can you confirm that you were update to the 1.11.3 version and that the problem still exists in that version?

    Thread Starter developerdoll


    Yes, I had version 1.11.3, I said I updated the plugin on 10/22, your last update was 10/19

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    OK, thanks. I read that but needed to be absolutely sure because in 1.11.3 everything that I can think of that could cause this issue was set back to how it was before. And because this never happened before, I was sure it would have been fixed.

    In the 1.11.2 I had a space to much behind the .. in this row
    if ( $file != “.” && $file != “.. ” ) {
    and one user who had the same issue (on version 1.11.2) reported an error message that pointed to that row. So I was curtain this was the cause of the issue, although I can’t replicate it exactly on my servers. On my servers the plugin just won’t delete when the space is in that row. In the 1.11.3 version the space is removed (besides a few other changes I made in the 1.11.2 version) and on my servers it tests OK.

    Now I am curtain you where indeed on version 1.11.3 I’m kind of lost in what could cause this behavior. I did several tests but for me and my tester it just works OK.

    But anyways, thanks for your reply.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    As of version 1.11.4, changed the function in such a way that it should not delete anything outside the plugins folders and just to be sure added a filter so that it will not delete .php files.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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