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    I just finished the project for my client and didn’t even bother checking how to remove the groups. It seemed so obvious for me that “there is no such thing ас you can create the group but cannot delete it”.
    It appears that such thing does exist – as per this reply

    It looks like in the last 7 months there were no progress in this direction and this is really important thing to have.
    Honestly I looked like a complete imbecile when I finished the project and only then have to tell my client ‘You know, I just checked it and there is no delete option”

    I understand this is free software. I’m totally grateful that you took time to create it and it is really useful. But I still think that deleting the groups it is vary basic thing that should be included.


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    Hi Rob, looks like you replied to every post except mine. I’m sorry if you took offense, but I hope that I didn’t step over the lines here.
    Please let me know if deleting the groups can be addressed.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    Sorry no intention to ignore you, and no offence taken.
    When I wrote this software I wrote it without thinking that group deletion would be needed. That was probably dumb, but you write code to do stuff, not undo it !
    Having investigated, it would take a large rewrite to fix this issue, as the software expects to see consecutive groups called group1, group2 etc.
    Given the risk of introducing error, I don’t plan at the moment to fix this.
    If you do not have a large number of users, then you could delete rpg_groups in wp_options, which will allow you to start again with groups. Once you have reset these up as you would want them, you can then go into the forums and set each forum up again to what you want. Finally you could then set each user up to the new groups.

    Sorry, but that’s the best I can suggest for the moment.

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    Thanks Robin!

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