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    Hi, I just switched over to the Responsive theme today and I must say, I love it! I’m still building up the site so even though around 15 pages are ready they’re not linked.

    But, could anyone let me know how to get rid of the name and tagline from the home page? Here’s the link to the site:

    (I’m talking about the name of the site above the Main menu in this case). I could just delete it from the customisation option; but, I want the name and tagline as that’s what appears on the tab when you hover the mouse over it. Which part of the css do I need to modify?

    PS: I’m using a child theme and even though I’m getting the hang of CSS, it’s just 4 days since I began modifying CSS.

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  • I haven’t used the Responsive theme specifically, but usually under Appearance > Logo you can turn off displaying the text and upload a logo to use instead.

    Alternately you can use the following in your css..

    #logo span {
    text-indent: -9999px;

    If there is not an option for it, you should be able to hide that by adding this to your child theme style.css:

    .site-description, .site-name {
       display: none;

    You may also want to check out Responsive’s dedicated forums as they are very good and helpful:

    Yes, display: none will do the trick for sure.


    double post, sorry 🙂

    Ha Ha — too much is certainly better than too little!

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    Thanks everyone for the help, I’m going to use the display none. I wasn’t sure how to write the code, now I know 🙂

    It worked, but I did learn something new – That code had to go up to the beginning of the css just below the import call function (if that’s what it’s called) for it to work.

    That code had to go up to the beginning of the css just below the import call function (if that’s what it’s called) for it to work.

    That should not be the case — it should work anywhere in that stylesheet. So I looked at the code in there and you have an error in this line:

    /* Change background to white /*

    — the characters at the end should be */ not /*

    When you have an error in CSS, nothing below it will show up on the site — so actually your background color change below that line is not working either.

    Just thought you might want to know about that or it will likely drive you nuts at some future point :)!

    WPyogi thanks so much, I never knew CSS worked like that, I always thought that if there was an error it would just skip. Yup the ending tag was wrong. How did u know the exact problem the same thing color to white? That doesn’t show on source code so was wondering.

    I looked at the actual child theme style.css file — you can get there for any site by using View Source of the regular page – the click on the link to the stylesheet. From what you had posted, I thought there was probably a syntax error — and yep, sure enough. CSS (and programming languages in general) is SOOOO picky about that kind of thing — can drive you totally crazy sometimes…

    The other good thing to remember when you have problems going on is to validate the HTML and CSS — because sometimes a coding error causes a cascade of seemingly unrelated problems…and you might be pulling your hair out, throwing your computer out the window and it was a silly old extra or missing tag someplace.

    Ooh! I never knew you could go to the css files like that before!! Now, I can check out the CSS of some sites that I like to help modify mine. Thanks so much. Also, I’ve only coded with HTML before and C++ and yup small syntax errors can be really frustrating. Thanks for the link to the validation page, will check it out now.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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