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    Hiya, I’m testing out this plugin for a website I’m building where I want to rent out individual vacation homes.

    So, in this case, I’m using the “rooms” as individual vacation homes.

    As a result, I don’t want to have the /rooms/ appear in the slug of the individual “rooms” I’m creating, is it possible to remove this somewhere in a setting?

    Also together with WPML for translating the individual “rooms” then it becomes even more of necessity since that slug is not being translated, nor does it seem to be able to translate.

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  • And a second item, I’m wondering about, when wanting to use the plugin like this, is it also possible to add multiple locations?

    Or have each “room” have it’s on location data so that a Google Map can be displayed where the vacation home is located when going into the individual view of a “room” aka a home.

    Was thinking a bit more about the first issue with the slug, maybe the best solution is to change the generic “room” in the URL for the “Room type” you set up as well.

    This way the URL would be domainname/room-type/room-name

    Or doesn’t that make sense in the hotel industry?

    Hello jcvangent

    In order to change /rooms URL, use Loco Translate plugin, find it in Loco >> Plugins >> WP Hotel Booking >> find rooms [URL Slug] and change.

    It’s impossible to use the plugin in multiple locations.


    Hey @thoakim,

    will try to find that same setting in WPML, but as a change request maybe don’t you think it might be a better solution to have that “rooms” in the slug be the “room type” you create? This gives it more flexibility.

    Also would really love to have a feature where you can manage multiple locations (not just for me, but I can imagine there are hotels that have multiple locations as well).


    Room Type is just a category. We’ll not change the URL as domainname/room-type/room-name. Because some website doesn’t setup any room types. It may be suitable for your website but with some ones, it’s not.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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