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  • To solve problems on the website I had to remove files from the plugin, but I ended up having one more problem. Now I am unable to log in with the administrator because the original URL contains an error.

    The developer, instead of helping, defends himself. I need to solve a problem and I’m not accusing you of causing it. He has to be more professional and less passionate. He erase my questions in your forum, is a kid.

    Could someone more prepared help or have already gone through the same problem and solved it?

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  • Plugin Author Nuno Sarmento


    1 – Didn’t erase your messages was the forum moderator
    2 – I don’t need to defend myself of nothing here lolol
    3 – I did ask you more than 3 times to share your website URL so I can help you
    4 – I rather to be kid than a grumpy old man dummy

    If you want to resolve your website issue(S) you should start to debug the problem by using the WordPress debug tools.

    Debugging in WordPress

    In regards to my plugin like any other plugin you should have test it on the staging website to see if there is any conflicts with other plugins or with your WordPress setup.

    Remove my plugin or any other plugin if you can’t access your admin area:
    1 – Login to your cPanel or via FTP/SFTP/SSH
    2 – Delete the plugin from the plugin area

    I hope that helps veado

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @digysrv I have archived your reply. It’s still there and I am closing this topic. I have also flagged your account for moderation.

    Here’s why. This will be long.

    1. You not only have a problem with this plugin but in that other topic you went from seeking help to attacking the developer for asking you for reasonable information. Your replies there were way too far and uncalled for. The replies are still there, they have been archived. The plugin developer did not archive those replies. They do not have that ability to do that on this site. I did as a forum moderator.
    2. You apparently feel that you are owed support here.

      You are not owed even a reply from the developer or anyone. You are not a customer of this developer. You are an opensource collaborator. Support is optional for every one here and that includes plugin developers.

      It’s great when they reply and help but stop acting like you are a customer here. You are not that and never have been.

    3. You have been provided a means to forcibly deactivate a plugin. Here’s a link to do that.

      If you still see the plugin active after that then you need to find where that’s being cached. That process will work but cached CDN’ed copies of your site may not see the change immediately.

    4. Regarding any accusations of harassment, send the whole email with the SMTP headers to plugins[at] and that will be looked into. That is the place to take a serious accusation against a plugin developer and not on the forums. Please do not post that again.
    5. Please do not engage this developer again. Do not post in this developer’s plugin support forum again. That is counterproductive. Send the information regarding harassment allegations to the email above.

    Now to @nunosarmento and that person’s behavior.

    There are acceptable ways to engage users here. Your replies are not always conforming to those ways. To use a saying that should never be needed with adults, if you cannot say anything nice then do not say anything at all.

    You do not need to reply when you get a support ask. And as I’ve written above, any allegations will be investigated and dealt with by the plugins team.

    I am now closing this topic from further replies.

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