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  • Hey there,
    I have the following problem: I have a fresh install of wordpress 3.5 and installed your plugin (WordPress HTTPS), as I would like to use the wordpress-admin-area via ssl using a reverse ssl proxy from my hosting package ( The url of the admin area is something like

    Writing a post, uploading images and so on works fine, but I am not able to delete any installed plugin. For instance, if I push the delete button to delete “Akismet by Automattic” the new url becomes[0]=akismet%2Fakismet.php&plugin_status=all&paged=1&s&_wpnonce=1368fe7879

    Now, pushing the “Yes, delete these files” button, the new url is[0]=akismet%2Fakismet.php&plugin_status=all&paged=1&s&_wpnonce=1368fe7879

    Obviously, the “/” part is missing and I get an error message from my hosting package. Consequently, the plugin is not deleted.

    I would be glad for any help!!

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  • I have been fooling around a little more and figured out, that the above is not the only place where this problem occurs: This is also happening when I try to save changes in the setting menu:

    Hitting “Save Changes” at
    results in a new url
    which is again missing the “/” part.

    This problem seems to occur at other places as well.

    To me, it looks like this may be a dublicate of the following post:
    link. However, that post is already one year old and it was said that the hotfix (which was unfortunately not detailed on) would be included in the next release.

    One more thing, I cannot even change setting for the https plugin anymore: Making changes and pushing the save button only makes that “circle-waiting-image” appear, but there is no confirmation of success, and indeed changes are not saved upon reload.
    However, deactivating the plugin, activating it again and making changes to the settings works.

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