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  • I neglected my site, and now I’ve 15,000 spams in the moderation. It’s so big that the moderation page won’t even load.

    How in the world do I get rid of these? In the old version of WordPress, the Mass Edit mode helped me handle this. I could search for a common spam word, which would load a few hundred comments. At that pace, I could wipe out the spam pretty quickly.

    From what I can tell, that doesn’t work with 2.2. The mass edit mode will only load 20 comments to a page. Deleting 15,000 in group of 20 will take forever.


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  • Egads, Taprice. I feel your pain.

    Do you have access to PHPMyAdmin (through your site’s control panel)? If so, you can quickly view and delete the spam messages in groups of any size.

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