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  • When I delete an image file in the Flash media manager, it works but it’s very slow. That may be a function of the load on my server so I don’t expect it to be fixable here. My complaint is that there is no feedback that anything is happening.

    If you look at a gallery or the media library and click on Show for an image, there is a Delete link at the bottom. Click on that and another line appears that says “You are about to delete …” with two links: Continue and cancel. When I click on Continue, there is no indication that anything is happening. Now, perhaps it SHOULD happen fast enough that I’d see the image removed from the system and that’s all I’d need. But since my server is somewhat slow, I get nothing for about two minutes. Eventually it finishes but I’d prefer to have something to let me know that it’s working. In the case of most other links, there is some immediate feedback or the browser progress indicator tells me something is happening but not here.

    Or do I just need to get over it?

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