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    I contacted DreamHost to attempt to figure out why four of my domains/WordPress installs running UpdraftPlus stopped deleting backups from DreamObjects on October 15-16 and they recommended that I get support here.

    What I’m seeing in the log files is UpdraftPlus finding backup sets to remove from remote storage (DreamObjects), deleting one or two files, and then restarting the backup process without any errors only to finish with no pruning and no email being sent.

    Here’s a end part of the log file that I think is most relevant to this issue with filenames and bucket names removed:

    0052.335 (0) Examining backup set with datestamp: 1382580717
    0052.337 (0) 1382580717: this set includes a database (backup_XXXXXX-db.gz); db count is now 9
    0052.338 (0) 1382580717: over retain limit (7); will delete this database
    0052.340 (0) Delete file: _XXXXXX-db.gz, service=dreamobjects
    0052.343 (0) DreamObjects: Delete remote: bucket=_XXXXXX-db.gz
    0073.695 (0) 1382580717: this set includes files; fileset count is now 8
    0073.723 (0) 1382580717: over retain limit (7); will delete this file set
    0073.740 (0) Delete file:, service=dreamobjects
    0073.766 (0) DreamObjects: Delete remote:
    0094.817 (0) Delete file:, service=dreamobjects
    0094.819 (0) DreamObjects: Delete remote:
    0116.227 (0) Delete file:, service=dreamobjects
    0116.252 (0) Deleting local copy (
    0116.291 (0) DreamObjects: Delete remote:
    0301.668 (1) Opened log file at time: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 21:02:48 +0000
    0301.670 (1) UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin ( 1.7.35 WP: 3.7.1 PHP: 5.4.11 (Linux nitti #8 SMP Mon Oct 10 13:33:17 PDT 2011 x86_64) MySQL: 5.1.56-log Server: Apache safe_mode: 0 max_execution_time: 900 memory_limit: 256M (used: 16.5M | 16.8M) multisite: N mcrypt: Y ZipArchive::addFile: Y
    0301.672 (1) Free space on disk containing Updraft's temporary directory: 234916.9 Mb
    0301.675 (1) Backup run: resumption=1, nonce=f17e0173c4d5, begun at=1383166666 (302s ago), job type=backup, previous check-in=116.2s
    0301.677 (1) Scheduling a resumption (2) after 300 seconds (1383167268) in case this run gets aborted
    0301.696 (1) Checking if we have a zip executable available
    0301.699 (1) Zip engine: found/will use a binary zip: /usr/bin/zip
    0301.700 (1) This backup run is not intended for files - skipping
    0301.702 (1) Database dump: Creation was completed already
    0301.704 (1) Saving backup history
    0301.719 (1) _XXXXXX-db.gz: db: This file has already been successfully uploaded
    0301.736 (1) Resume backup (f17e0173c4d5, 1): finish run
    0301.738 (1) There were no more files that needed uploading; backup job is complete
    0301.740 (1) There were no errors in the uploads, so the 'resume' event (2) is being unscheduled
    0301.747 (1) No email will be sent - this backup set was empty.
    0301.749 (1) The backup apparently succeeded and is now complete

    In the off chance, do you all recognize any problems with UpdraftPlus or my setup here? Any idea what might have changed on October 15-16 that could be causing this? Could this be a php5.4 issue?

    Interestingly, I am managing another WordPress install that’s hosted on another web host and it’s working fine uploading to and deleting from DreamObjects.


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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    The DreamObjects support is a very thin layer on top of the Amazon S3 code (since DreamObjects is S3 compatible). If you open up the file updraftplus/methods/dreamobjects.php, then you’ll see how thin – almost nothing.

    Therefore, if you could test out Amazon S3 as an alternative, then if that succeeds then you should bounce back to Dreamhosts support.

    Looking at the log, it looks like a 20-second delay occurs when you try to delete. No error code is being logged, so it doesn’t seem that the remote end returns an error. We’ve not got any other reports – is there some change in the network configuration on the server you have yours on? At this point, I’m suspecting it’s server specific. PHP 5.4 has a lot of users, and as I say, all the Amazon S3 users are using the same code – so that’s a lot of people; I’d expect another report if there was a generic problem rather than a server one.
    Does DreamHosts’ official plugin ( give you a different result, when deployed on the same server? (Note: I’ve never installed that, and can’t even tell if it has the facility to delete backups).

    I hope there’s something in there that gives you a lead!




    Thanks for the super quick response, David! That kind of support is really helpful.

    I forwarded your message to DreamHost support and will look into some of your suggestions. I’ll respond here again if I come up with anything of value.

    Mika Epstein


    jd100 – What’s your domain and/or ticket number? I can take a look and see if I can fast-track that if you don’t get a response.



    Thanks. The problem is happening on multiple domains. The ticket number is: 80795326.

    Mika Epstein


    Oh as the author of the DreamObjects plugin, no it doesn’t delete. 🙂

    (Found the ticket and replied)

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