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  • I am using the “Front Page Template” of a Twenty Twelve child. I plugged in Black Studio TinyMCE Widget and used it to insert images into my First Front Page Widget (FFPW).

    I decided that I did not like the look of this FFPW, so in TinyMCE I deleted the images, saved, refreshed. But the images did not disappear from my front page. I cycled different themes to see if that would delete the images, but after that when I again selected my child Twenty Twelve theme, the images were still there. I then deactivated the TinyMCE plugin, but the images still appeared on my first front page widget.

    Anybody have any ideas about how to clear my FFPW? Am I doing something wrong? I am fairly new to WP.

    (FYI, yesterday, I used the Text Widget (I had not activated TinyMCE then) to insert text into the FFPW, and, again, I was not able to delete the text from the FFPW on the refreshed front page, after trying all of the above steps.)


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  • I think I may have found a work-around – even though I don’t understand how it works. If I go to my Front Page (Home static), and change back to Default Page, save, refresh, and then go back to my Front Page and select Front Page Template again, the front page widgets clear.

    Seems wierd and kludgey, but it works.

    Anybody able to explain? Or is there an easier way to clear the FFPW?


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