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  • I would bet that the posts are not deleted, just asigned to another author.

    You can just make a backup of your database (via phpMyAdmin) and then try to delete the user and see what happens. Please let me know, because I’m curious.

    Thanks scribu

    I’ll see what other replies I receive.

    You might want to monitor this thread.

    Ian T

    Hi folks

    This problem is now resolved. I bit the bullet and deleted one of my co-administrators.

    I was then asked if I wanted to delete all posts associated with this person, or to reassign them to another person – i.e. ME!

    So, despite there being no reference in the WP documentation to this action, it is, in fact, perfectly safe!

    I hope that this info benefits other WP users faced with the same situation.


    Ian Traynor
    York, UK

    [sig moderated]



    Damn, I could have told you that (if only I had remembered :P)



    If you wouldn’t mind, go ahead and add the tag “delete user” to the tags, and mark the thread [RESOLVED] so that others can benefit from this. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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