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  • When generating a blog, I didn’t know what I was doing and accidentally created two instead of one. I am up and running on the one, but cannot delete the other. I created it in Dreamhost and have deleted it from there. Then, there is supposed to be a ‘delete blog’ or ‘delete site’ in my tools menu but there is not. I cannot figure out how to call someone, so I am resorting to this. What I really need is for someone to reach in and delete an unwanted site!

    Can someone help me?

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    There is no “Delete blog” option in WordPress. What are the 2 site urls?

    WordPress content is stored in MySQL database. If you really want to delete your wrong content, look for tables you do not need anymore in the database. Do not hurry, ask yourself ‘are my blogs stored in a single database or in two different databases’, look into wp-config.php files for both sites, your insight is there.

    One of the way to delete them is through cPanel and if you do use the automated installer scripts like Softaculous and etc, you can do it. Other than that, you may have to go thrugh FTP.

    The the site I don’t want is fly4generations\blog. It has nothing in it as it was created using dreamhost 1-click install. I got an error message so I created another one and named it fly4generations\nettielbh so I could tell if I was duplicating. I was. So, I deleted the mysql db in the dreamhost for the\blog but it is still registered with wordpress. looking at tutorials of wordpress on how to delete, it says there is a ‘delete’ option in tools. neither instance has that option.

    So, I am not trying to delete content really as there is none. I just want the site to go away.

    is the wp-config file supposed to be on my local computer or is it ‘inside’ dreamhost in some way? I ask because when we were trying to figure stuff out, we downloaded word press and when that appeared to not work we used the 1-click install on dreamhost. I have a wp-config on my local computer still though…seems like that is wrong.



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    it says there is a ‘delete’ option in tools

    That is for hosted sites – not self-hosted WP sites. Your site will have been stored on Dreamhost.

    yeah. its says there is a delete option. but there is not.

    I have a self hosted blog that I want deleted….can anyone please help me??? Thanks T

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    If it was set up using a dreamhost one click setup system, you may not have a standard installation. There is no uninstall opion as standard with self-hosted WordPress. It may be best to request support from dreamhost as they should know how their system sets it up and might be able to delete it for you

    Got it done. Thank you 🙂

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    Can you help me

    abctradelinks, please start your own topic instead of adding on to an unrelated one.

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