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  • I had some problems with my host and I deleted the database in MySQL and created a new one with the same username and pw. I go now to my host and I see all the files with the content but the site is not working.

    Does someone know how can I fix this? Does it mean that I need to start the web from scratch? I made a backup of all files I had before removing the database and created again…

    I need help, please!

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  • Are all the details the same?

    If you created a new DB, they might not be

    Your database name, server, username, and password are contained within your wp-config.php file and might need adjusting

    Yes they are. For some reason yesterday it was not working due to an issue with the database. So I made a backup of all the files I had in the server. Then I went to my host provider web, deleted the database I had and created agaain the same one with the same names and pw.

    I double checked the config.php file and it has the same database name, username and pw as the database created.

    My question is, if I delated the database and created again, did I delate the content associated to this database?

    Can I create a new database, then modify the config.php and rescue all the contents I have in my web?

    If is very frustrating… I have the feeling I lost everythin I did even I have the files

    If you deleted the database, you have lost pretty much everything, yes.

    All of your posts, pages, menus, options, image links, etc. are contained within.

    Your images are still in your files – bt they aren’t linked to anything.

    You can check with your host, some keep backups for you.

    That is the main reason that nothing should ever be done to modify a WordPress site without downloading a database backup first. It contains everything.

    Thanks Rev. Voodoo. I am working with my host to see if it can be restored.

    Thanks again for your help.

    If they have a backup, they might be able to restore it for you – or you can use the import feature in phpmyadmin to bring the contents back in to a database

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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