• Hi, are the subsites and user files/database information deleted by the network administrator completely deleted? Or are deleted subsite files and other database data still retained?

    How can I completely remove data of subsites and users deleted from the panel from the server? (Data remaining in the database and all other files on the server belonging to them)

    You can also suggest a plugin to clear such data.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    You can investigate what remains after removal through the phpMyAdmin app, usually accessed through your hosting account. If you’re sure any remaining data you’ve found only relates to the deleted sites and is not used by existing sites, you can delete that data from within the app.

    I recommend making a backup before deleting anything just in case something gets deleted that shouldn’t have been removed. Like any data stored on computer storage media, the use of common removal methods does not mean the data could not later be forensically recovered if one had physical access to the media. And the technical know how and equipment.

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