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  • I recently re-installed wordpress from to the root directory When I uninstalled the prior installation of wordpress at /blog, it also deleted my sql database. I did back-up my previous wp directory by downloading a copy of the entire directory. However, I do not know if it included a copy of my blogs.

    What I’m trying to say is, I’m #&$(*ed-up!!! Does WP keep a record of blogs on the installed directory or are all the data stored in the sql database? If WP has a copy of the database on the installation directory, which I downloaded, maybe I’m okay. But if not, I’m in serious trouble.

    Can anyone advise?


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  • All the data is stored in the database, but how exactly did you “delete” the database?

    I did not delete it on purpose. My hosting company has this user interface where you can install and uninstall software. It lists the installations of wordpress, which I had three. One for my personal blog which I installed under, a new installation at root, and another site for my friends. I clicked on “remove” for the /blog installation.

    When I went back to my website, I can’t access it anymore.

    So, does WP has a copy of the database stored in the installation directory?

    No, it doesn’t. There is no “database” in the installation directory – only the WP files. Sorry, it seems you lost your blog.


    In the future, can someone make sure that WP keeps a back-up of the database on the installation directory? It will surely help a lot of dingbats like me.

    You can try to ask your host whether they have a backup or if there any way to retrieve it…
    And as for the future: next time do not rely on those “automatic” things, just use this tutorial:

    donjz, how did you backup your wp directory? Did you happen to use cpanel to backup everything?

    It’s not 100% clear that the database has been “deleted”. The db resides in a totally different area from your web sites file area.

    If your database tables are still there, then if you reupload the WP files, then you should find that everything is back as it was i.e. all your old data is back. Before we panic, let’s try that first, ok?

    “can someone make sure that WP keeps a back-up of the database on the installation directory?”
    Due to the way databases work, this is virtually impossible. What you must always do is backup your database.

    Thanks guys. has not replied to my inquiry about this matter. I guess, my database is forever lost. Anyway, I re-installed everything with a new theme Old Vigan that I designed (not from scratch though).

    Skippy’s DB backup plugin was designed to help prevent this sort of stuff happening again in future.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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