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  • There is no spam in my blog but when I created a backup (sql dump) the beginning is full of spam!!

    There is miles of it interspersed in the posts!
    There is more spam than actual text from the posts.

    Its like all the spam I deleted using spam karma and bad behaviour are not gone, but just hidden in some way.

    Under Manage / Comments instead of showing all the comments I have, there is only the first page of comments without any button to carry on back in time.

    So comments could be on the old posts but I can’t see them

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  • Yup, that’s right, when you mark something as spam, it’s not actually deleted, but stays in the DB with its status changed to spam.

    If you get Akismet you will be able to see all spam in the database, which means you can check through it to see if there’s any genuine comments.

    If you don’t want to do that, you can simply delete all the spam with a single click 😉

    my goodness!!

    But why?

    There is no sence in carrying miles of spam around in the backups, when I delete it I want it deleted.

    How can I do that?

    Edit: I went into the SQL comment field and sorted by spam and deleted them out (hopefully)

    edit: nope, the spam is still in the backup…. where else in the DB is it held?

    Why not just activate the Akismet plugin Maerk suggested?

    It is brilliant and so far has stopped 36,000 spam comments on one blog I manage.

    When wordpress was first released, there was the option to mark comments as spam but nothing was actually done with them. I guess it was a feature they knew would be useful in the future, but at the time they maybe didn’t have enough time/resources to do something more effective.

    It’s a useful feature because it provides a bank of information as to what spam comments look like. Akismet (which is made by the same guys that made WordPress) will let you delete all spam since it is after all taking up resources, and allocating any more resources than is absolutely necessary to spam is a waste.

    Also, check your Bad Behaviour’s settings: there are several things you can (and should) change before uploading the file: to get the spam comments erased after certain number of days, not to have “verbose” logs, etc. Otherwise it can grow out of proportions.

    Both Akismet and SK2 will automatically prune old spam. It’s hung onto incase any false positives are made and to be used to compare against.

    Oh yeah! That’s the reason it’s kept — in case it wasn’t spam after all!

    Thanks for the help, I have set up Akismet and although there doesn’t seem to be any setting for “delete all spam now” I expect in 15 days it will clear it all out for me.

    Thanks Again

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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