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  • I Deleted “Proudly Sponsored by WordPress” from parent sheet early on before I started my Child Sheet. I started child sheet with it already deleted and then when I updated WP version “Proudly Sponsored” came back.

    How do I fix this problem or go to the parent sheet and re-enter the code into my child sheet and properly edit it out from the child sheet? Thanks Ann

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  • Yes, you should do it in the child theme – if you post a link to your site, someone can likely help you.

    Okay, but before we do that, is there a reason you have the entire 2011 stylesheet in your child theme? Is that because you’d already made changes? (It’s okay, but not ideal…)

    Yes, I didn’t know what i would be changing so i just copied the whole thing. And yes I have made many changes

    Okay, well, it will be much harder to keep track of what you have changed and it adds duplicate code, but that’s up to you. To get rid of that line of text, add this to the bottom of the stylesheet:

    #site-generator {
       display: none;

    That worked! Thanks
    Obviously I did not know how to do this (WP)and I still don’t know how to see the parent sheet. I know its wrong but seems to be working ok.

    If you have more time ??? You have been so nice

    I would like to have the line read “Make the thing real” instead of totally disappearing. thank you

    Ah, okay, that’s more complicated – you’ll need to create a copy of the footer.php file (from the parent theme) and put that copy in your child theme (or do you already have a copy of it there – probably not?)

    EDIT- sorry, trying to do too many things at once here :). Actually, you should be able to add that text in the widgets for the footer – under appearances go to widgets and then look for the footer ones. We can adjust the layout with CSS once the text shows up there.

    OOPs, I think I deleted the footer widgets, that’s how i got rid of it in the first place. It’s ok I’ll just go without, I don’t want to take up more of your time. 🙂 Ann

    But if you are now in the child theme, the widgets should be there (parent changes in widgets don’t follow) – so check on that.

    I deleted it in the child (footer widget), not there, its ok I’m lost i dont get what you said.

    I dont know how to see my parent to recopy it in to my child.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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