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    I’m using Arne Brachhold’s Google Sitemaps generator (BTW, Arne, if you’re reading this forum, you’ve done an incredible job, thanks.)

    Posts that I deleted a while ago are still showing up in the sitemap, even after de-activating, deleting, re-copying, and then re-activating the plugin. When Google reads the sitemap, it gives me a 404 error because the link is dead.

    Is there a way of deleting the old posts from the sitemap?

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  • I’m not really familiar with Arne’s version, but others are simply files. Open in any vanilla text editor and manually delete the problem links.

    Ok, I feel pretty sheepish now…

    Thanks Vkaryl, your solution worked well. I opened up the offending XML file in Excel and was able to delete the unneeded lines.

    However, as it turned out, Arne’s plugin was and is working beautifully, churning out magnificent sitemaps. The sitemap that Google was complaining about was an older one.

    Topic resolved.

    On another note, you may want to turn off the “Rebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blog” and “Auto-Ping Google Sitemaps” options if you’re planning on making a number of changes to your blog over a short period of time. Otherwise, Google gets annoyed with the constant barrage of updated sitemaps and may ignore you for a while…as it seems to be doing with me right now… Sigh…

    Well, google’s just finished dancing I believe so that might be part of it too. Back to normal by the end of the month maybe….

    I’ll give his plugin a try. I’ve been using a 3rd party service for some sites, but there are some annoyances with it…. so I’ll see about the plugin route for the blogs at least.

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    I use Arne’s plugin, and it’s quite good. I recommend it.

    That said, Google Webmaster Tools often gives me trouble that is no fault of my site or the plugin. It’s just a bit slow to update sometimes. Usually I can fix it by going in and “pinging” them manually though.

    I’m having a similar situation.

    I can’t get Google tools to remove outdated links even though those outdated links return my 404.php

    Why was my URL removal request denied?

    Your request may have been denied because your content did not meet the eligibility requirements for removal.

    To block a page or image from your site, do one of the following, and then submit your removal request:

    * Make sure the content is no longer live on the web. Requests for the page or imate you want to remove must return an HTTP 404 (not found) or 410 status code.
    * Block the content using a meta noindex tag.

    To remove your entire site, or a complete directory, use a robots.txt file.

    Here’s an example that’s still being referenced by google.

    is there a problem

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