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  • From everything that I’ve read, it seems that deleted posts should automatically be removed from my RSS feed.

    Background: I am running the WP-Cover theme with Theme-my-login and a variety of plugins, including Quick Cache.

    I have tried clearing the cache, something I am used to, and even disabling it, which removes the files in the cache directory. However, certain deleted posts still show up in the feed.

    I would like to remove them.
    1st) is this normal? or where can I look to resolve the problem
    2nd) if it is not normal, how should I remove them from the SQL back end, so that I don’t break something else related to the feed.


    My RSS feed currently show 25 recent articles. If you open the list (link at the top of the home page) you can scroll to the bottom of the list and find a TEST example, where the post is deleted. Clicking on the title of the post will return a 404 of course.

    I would like these removed automatically, as sometimes, as with blog ownership verification, an author may post and the post needs to be removed.

    Update: I have just seen that by installing Firefox, the deleted posts do not appear. However, IE still shows them, even though the browser cache has been cleared. What am I missing?

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