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  • Resolved Mr Press


    I tried and deleted the plugin as it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Now it has left six tables in my mysql database. In the admin there is a leftover user role called “event contributor”. I would be grateful if you would provide information about how the plugin is properly deleted without leaving things behind.

    Deleting the themes-ai1ec folder and the all-in-one-event-calendar folder as suggested in another forum post does not help.

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  • Richard


    Hi Mr Press,

    Can you confirm that you deleted the plugin from the dashboard? Not just manually from the back-end? To remove the plugin you should first deactivate and then delete it in your WordPress plugins folder.

    I hope this helps!



    Hi Mr Press,

    I am going to mark this case as resolved as we have not heard from you in over a month.


    Mr Press


    This is not resolved by any means. The plugin was deleted from the dashboard. It leaves 500+ options in the database and it injects itself into cron tables. All the options left by All-in-One Event Calendar were manually deleted but after a while they are back in the database. This means that All-in-One Event Calendar has injected some code in the database which is very hard to detect and delete and which keeps re-injecting all the options once they have been removed.

    If All-in-One Event calendar cannot provide clear instructions on how to delete this plugin entirely including all of the traces it leaves behind in the database our business may be forced to proceed to file a complaint against All-in-One Event calendar.

    Please take responsibility for your product now and provide clear instructions on how to remove All-in-One Event Calendar completely!

    Mr Press


    All-one-One Calendar has finally been removed after months of bother. It involved manually removing numerous options from the wp database. To remove the user roles and capabilities left behind by All-one-One Calendar install the plugin User Role Editor and delete them with the tools provided by the plugin. I apologize for my premature outburst, but I should also mention that this has been an unpleasant experience which caused a lot of extra work for our small business. The plugin is full of great features. If it had a clean uninstall all would be good.



    Thank you for the post Mr Press. I need to delete database entries caused by a failed upgrade of All-one-One Calendar and will try User Role Editor.

    Timly should as you say “Please take responsibility for your product now and provide clear instructions on how to remove All-in-One Event Calendar completely!”

    After over a month of tussling with this rotten thing, I’ve gotten rid of ALMOST all of it. This company is irresponsible, exists to mine data from your web visitors (when they click on the subscribe link) and provides a demented level of customer support. Yes, they run cron, leave crap all over your databses, and have no interest WHATSOEVER in helping you to clean up the mess when it’s time to uninstall. BEWARE.

    OH, I FORGOT TO ADD SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. Keep an eye on your stalled running processes when using this…thing.

    Ugh. I just ran into this. User Role Editor could remove the added role, but not the capabilities, unfortunately. I’m screwed. Stay away from All in One Calendar if you can, everybody!


    Can you help us know how you fully removed the ai1ec database entries?

    Did you perform a search of a certain term or word?

    Thank you

    This was left behind by ai1ec in the wp_options, wp_user_roles

    Please advise where to delete. ie after “s:16” or before “b:1”, etc


    I too am unable to get a lot of the left behind junk out of my database. Most bothersome are the user roles. I got everything out of wp_options but I don’t see a wp_user_roles.

    please, I need help with this.
    I have several issues with this plugin and I don’t know how to do because I’m not a professional.

    I get this message on the home of my site after a change of plugin theme:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Ai1ec_File_Not_Found’ with message ‘Could not find a version of “user_variables” to parse.’ in /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/model/class-ai1ec-less-file.php:98 Stack trace: #0 /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/controller/class-ai1ec-lessphp-controller.php(224): Ai1ec_Less_File->locate_exact_file_to_load_in_theme_folders() #1 /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/controller/class-ai1ec-lessphp-controller.php(172): Ai1ec_Lessphp_Controller->get_less_variable_data_from_config_file(Object(Ai1ec_Less_File)) #2 /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/controller/class-ai1ec-app-controller.php(151): Ai1ec_Lessphp_Controller->initialize_less_variables_if_not_set(Object(Ai1ec_Less_File)) #3 /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/controller/class-ai1ec-app-controller.php(60): Ai1ec_App_Controller->__const in /home/redcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/model/class-ai1ec-less-file.php on line 98

    I deleted it from the server and today deleted it from database but a can’t get into the dashboard or see de website.

    can anybody help me?



    I installed User Role Editor. But I may not have needed it. After you’ve uninstalled the plugin(s), go to Roles for EACH ROLE under the Users Menu. Activate a role. Keep Administrator for last. Uncheck the many added capabilities belonging to Ai1c. Update the role. The item will disappear. Once all the roles other than administrator are updated, then check the Administrator role. See if those items are still there. If they are, then uncheck them in Administrator. Update the role. The errant capabilities should all be gone. If I’m not mistaken, they couldn’t be deleted if they were assigned to at least one role. Once they were unassigned, they were able to be deleted.

    I briefly checked the database to see if they’re still there, but I would bet they’re gone.

    Do this for each of the deleted plugins that create role capabilities. Others that cause left-behind-in-the-database problems are CalPress-Events, The Events Calendar by Tribe, and S2Member (this is by no means a comprehensive list – I’m way too new to WordPress).

    Then, in the interest of not having too many plugins, I deleted User Role Editor.

    When I try to deactivate (I’m using multi-site) my whole template disappears. I can only see a list of links to all of my stuff/pages, etc. I had to reactivate it to restore my page. I had previously removed the page that the calendar was linked to and removed the widget prior to deactivating. I want to uninstall completely, but don’t want my site to be down while I’m doing it!

    Any ideas on what to do here? Afraid that deleting the backend folders/files will cause even worse contortion of my site and then be unrecoverable. Yes, I can create a backup and reinstall, but then I am back to square one.

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