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  • stolpioni3



    I had a “developer” install a non-working version of a plugin on my blog. He said it was a genuine version but it turned out to be a “nulled” version which didn’t even work.

    I then decided to purchase the plugin straight officially but when installing it it turns out that the nulled script had created tables in my database which gave me errors when putting in my license key.

    So, in a rush of adrenaline and anger, I deleted my whole database. And now, my wordpress blog doesn’t work at all.

    I installed a fresh version of wordpress, and then it worked. The problem is that I haven’t exported my pages…so I really need to use the same installation which is now without a database.

    I’ve tried to change the database name in the wp-config.php but it doesn’t work.

    What do I do here? Can I create a new database and link that to the backed up version of my old wordpress installation?

    Would be extremely thankful for any tips.

    EDIT: I did have an exported file of all my pages and posts. What should I do? Re-install a fresh wordpress and then import all my pages again? I would rather not do this as I have to configure everything again.

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  • shamratdewan


    I did have an exported file of all my pages and posts

    is this your DB Mysql dump or just WP php files you mean?



    I did have an exported file of all my pages and posts

    Further to the above post, if this refers to the files in your web site hosting account, those which are accessed by either your hosting control panel file manager or an FTP program, then you are out of luck 🙁

    The content of your site (contents of the pages and posts) are stored in and retrieved from the database. So unless you have a copy of that (the DB MySQL ‘dump’ referred to above), it’s gone.

    Perhaps your host can restore the database from one of their backups, as it would appear you are not keeping them on your own 🙂

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