• I pointed it to a directory in my Google drive and it proceeded to delete EVERYTHING in my Google Drive.

    Thankfully I was able to pull it out of the Trash Bin. This needs fixed ASAP! No deletion of ANYTHING not belonging to the app, perhaps the file names need to be:

    XCLONER-blogname-date.tar/tgz And you don’t delete ANYTHING that doesn’t start with XCLONER and end with tar.

    I ended up using another Google Drive account.

    Recommendation is to use a Google drive that you don’t care about!

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  • XCloner only deletes the files it finds in the pointed google drive directory, it could be the case that somehow the folder id you’ve setup was root. All deleted files are logged inside the XCloner logger if enabled, were you able to find them there listed?

    While this could be a bug, as this is NOT the normal functionality, it would help if you could supply your XCloner log file for analysis.

    How do you want it? Why would the delete command want to delete everything in the folder its pointed to?

    Lastly, did i miss something in the instructions that mentioned this?

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