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  • I accidentally deleted my main admin that comes with the username of admin. I need help on how to create a new admin with the exact same powers. I have another admin thats a level 10 but there are a few options that this admin cannot do that the my original main admin could. How can i fix this? Please reply, i have noticed that the support for wordpress sites is really low and hope to get help ASAP!

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  • In order to have deleted the account named admin, you would have needed to be in another admin account with the same permissions. You really shouldn’t be using an account with the name “admin” anyway, as it gives hackers half of your login info, as that’s where they start!

    What can’t you do in the other admin-level account?

    This is not true, trust me… I was on my other account but does not have the same permissions, i cannot do a few things on this account as i can the old account, also i cannot access some pages that my old one could. Like i have said i want to make my new account with those permissions i need to know how to

    On Pages and posts i cannot disable comments like i could on my old admin account and i cannot disable the advertisment from pages and posts. Also i cannot get to the super admin page only or w/e its called.

    Have you set the screen options (when in a post) so that you can see the check box for Discussion?

    How do i do this?



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    That aint it, the options im talking about are on the page like create new page or create new post not on the menu bar which we dont use.

    What options are you looking for?

    Were tryen to find allow comments and such on pages and posts.

    Okay once again i really need help with this, i have stated the problem many times but i will one last time in desperation of some help, i really need help.

    I accidentally deleted my Super Admin (the one that gets created when u install wordpress) with another admin account. Okay i also understand that the admin account i used to delete my original admin account has to be the same level. It is. With this said the current admin account i have does not have all the options my original admin account had (the one created with wordpress). The things i cannot do that i need to do is, be able to make it so people cannot comment on pages or posts (any page i create now it can be commented on, with my old admin account i could turn this off for that page under the edit page area for that page). I cannot turn it off at all now, for the advertisment i could turn it off per page in the same location, i cannot now.

    Please help me i am begging, i really need help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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