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    I’ve noticed that when you delete an image from the media library without first unattaching it from the post it was uploaded to, or when you delete a tag or a category without first unchecking it from the posts that had that tag or category, these deleted items keep generated 401s in Search Console and Google keeps seeing these things as attached to posts while they’ve been long deleted.

    There’s no way to go back and unattach/uncheck them because they’ve already been deleted.

    I think that whenever a tag or category is deleted, or whenever an image or pdf is removed from the media library, there should be a way to also automatically unlink them to prevent these errors from popping up.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration.

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    No it doesn’t. That plugin helps you trace broken links. WordPress shouldn’t be causing these broken links in the first place. When something is deleted, it should automatically be unattached from whatever it was attached to.

    My issue isn’t because there are links left to the things that were deleted, it is that even though no links are left in the content, the deleted thing somehow still causes an error because it wasn’t unattached from the post before deletion.

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