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  • I have a custom theme that uses images saved to an “images” folder, for a header graphic. I just created new images, and uploaded them to the FTP and deleted the old ones permanently, but the old ones are still being used. The images were never called from the WordPress media library.

    I’ve checked:
    > WordPress image library for the old images, and they’re not there
    > double-checked the FTP for the old images – they were indeed deleted
    > renamed the new images to completely new names
    > triple-checked my code for the proper file paths to the new images – the code is fine
    > no where in WP library, the FTP or anywhere do the old images exist – not even on my hard-drive
    > I’ve cleared my cache (about 12 times now) on ALL browsers, restarted each browser and waited 20 minutes and did it all again.

    The theme still uses images in the header that don’t exist online, or on my machine.


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  • Well …now the images are updated. I didn’t do anything. Apparently, WordPress takes a couple hours to let go of some things it’s cached, even after they’ve been completely obliterated from the server, database, etc.

    That was 2 hours worth of un-necessary stress I could have lived without. Anyone else how has this same issue and finds this thread, I guess be patient is the answer.

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