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  • Hello!

    I accidently deleted the page that was serving as my wordpress home page. Which file is this, so I can reupload it into my wordpress folder from the download.

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  • Just for the sake of clarity:
    Did you delete a post from your admin panel or did you delete a physical file e.g. via ftp?

    I deleted the whole page from the admin panel in wordpress ( i meant to click edit, not delete in the admin panel)

    Then re-write it. You deleted the content, not the file, so there is nothing to “upload”.

    How would i re-write it so that the page i make is the one that shows up in the root of my wordpress installation (like ?
    Thanks for your help

    That’s a totally different issue – try to give as many details as you can… don’t make us to ask zillion questions.

    What WP version?
    Were you using a Page as homepage? (see in Options > Reading)
    If you had a Page as homepage, just create a new one with the same title and same content.

    When in the admin panel, under manage, files, it says Browsing index.php, Oops, no such file exists…

    Thanks! I’d never noticed the options, reading. That really helps

    1. You should never touch those things! (file editor)
    2. Now you are talking about a totally different thing.

    Sit down with yourself and decide what happened 🙂
    Did you delete a post/Page or a file?

    (and don’t do anything in your admin until you are told so!)

    It looks like you deleted index.php from admin section of wordpress. You should upload index.php of your template to
    if you are using a default template. If you are using any other template you should upload index.php file of that template to its own folder at

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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