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  • Hope you gurus can help me… Read tons of posts here and couldn’t find an answer — and I’m not a database chic which doesn’t help.

    So what I did was some category clean up, by deleting some categories and without as many childs. Deleted categories and moved all the posts to the categories they were to be in but now my XML site map is still reflecting the childs and they are not listed in the control panel for me to delete. An example of an old child in my site map:

    Of course this pulls a 404. I would like to have my site map not reflect these. Can anyone spoon feed me on what to do?

    My humble gratitude in advance for any help offered…


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  • Did you tried force rebuilt XML sitemap option after deleting your child category.?

    Yep, sure did… Even tried going through PHPAdmin to try and find the childs to delete them and just don’t want to risk fudging anything up. 🙁


    We have one more alternate solution you can disallow that child url (error 404 url) from robots.txt file and may try to contact XML plugin author for future proceeding.

    or try to diactivate xml sitemap and activate and then see.

    Thanks for the suggestions! 😉 I did deactivate and reactivate and no change. I know there are other site map plugins out there — I am going to try and give another one a whirl.

    But, if the childs are somewhere in the database — isn’t that what is being picked up on? Plus the double back slash in the path is wacky.

    If I figure this out, I’ll post here in case others run into the same.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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