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  • Looking back at my decision to delete my wordpress blog I reckon it wasn’t the best move but I did uncover someting that others might well have had problem with aswell:

    Once my blog was deleted, my account was “deactiveted” – but not really. It’s still there, somewere, and it has a strangle hold on my email address!

    This means that I cant create a new account using my primary email, and since my last account is diactivated (sort of), I cant log in either!

    Must I really sign up for a new email address in order to get a new blog up and running? Sounds silly, dosen’t it? Any other ideas?



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  • This sounds like a problem, right?

    If so you’ll probably want to post this at the forums.

    either use another email or edit the email on your current account.


    buyshoes, I cant. I cant log in anymore. WordPress says it has eliminated my account… but it hasn’t.

    Cori, thanks, I’ll do that.

    ok. you can always use another email and register another account and blog. hth

    Hi again. I’ve actually found other users posting about the same topic in’s forums. It seems this is the way it is. Pure and simple. Apperantly, the same thing goes for the actual blog name aswell. Even though you’ve deleted “” you, or anyone else, can never ever create another blog with that same name. Even though blog name and email has been deactivaed, they’re still in the system.

    It’s nuts. It should must be an easy thing to fix, right?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There are very very clear warnings given about deleting .com blogs. They leave no grey area.

    This is not the .com support forum.
    It is not an issue for these support forums.
    I suggest you keep this in the .com forums.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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