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  1. rebeldolphin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, I was deleting members from my wishlist member in wordpress, I accidently deleted my admin accounts and now i have no way of getting into my wordpress backend. Does anyone know how I can reset this maybe through ftp or something, I have tried numerous things in phpmyadmin and none of them worked. Please help me out asap, I am losing money as we speak..

    Thank you.

  2. First you need to generate an md5 hash of the password you want to use. You can use an online generator like the one at http://www.adamek.biz/md5-generator.php
    md5("password1234") = "bdc87b9c894da5168059e00ebffb9077"
    Please don't use the one above but you will be using the long string on the right between the quotes.

    Go to your phpmyadmin and open the wp_users table and click on insert and put in your login, email nicename along with the md5 password hash you created. You should also put 1 for the user id since it was probably your previous admin user id.

    Next go to the wp_usermeta table and add an entry using wp_capabilities as the meta_key, 1 as the user_id and leave the umeta_id blank. for the meta_value paste this in. a:1:{s:13:"administrator";s:1:"1";}

    Next add another entry in the same table using wp_user_level as the meta_key, 10 as the meta_value and 1 again as the user_id.

    Clear your browser cache and log back in to your dashboard. When you do this WordPress will update the md5 hash you added to the db as a proper salted and encrypted password. ( you still use the same password on the front end ).

  3. Charmer83
    Posted 3 years ago #

    this did not work for me... what do you mean "you still use the same password on the front end" is that the one you create with the generator or my original password. anyway neither way worked for me. Any other ideas?

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