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    I don’t really know where to start, this plugin is one of the worst I have ever used.

    First of all, there is no protection what so ever. This plugin can literally delete your admin account!

    So, I installed this plugin because my theme have built in support for it (I will highly recommend no theme developer to use this plugin), so far so good. The first thing I notice is that adding protection is fairly simple but requires several steps, weird but OK. So I set up the protection, create a free plan which is what I want, again, so far so good. Now I notice that there is no way to move members manually into the created plans, this require an entirely different plugin, because why add that vital function into the base plugin? That would actually be user friendly. Then I notice that I as admin and post author cannot read my own articles if they are set as protected!!! Why!? I’m the effin author and ADMIN!

    OK, so I go through the hassle and install Another plugin just to be able to “import” myself into the free plan… Nope, still couldn’t read my own articles. I don’t know why but I suspect that this plugin is so badly coded that it actually only works for new members.

    So, I want to do some testing and want to REMOVE myself from the plan. Because obviously a plugin should not be coded in such a way that it DELETES accounts, right? Nope, REMOVING accounts from a plan literally DELETES them from your site, this includes admin accounts.

    So no I have no access and have to go through PHPmyadmin process to add back my admin account.

    It’s safe to say that plugin is malicious and should be (if you must) used with extreme caution.

    I’m going to report the plugin to WordPress as well as recommending my themes developer to remove support and use another plugin.

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    Not to mention that now it’s giving me WordPress internal error and prevents anyone from even accessing the site whenever the plugin is enabled.

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Thank you for spending the time to write a 1 star review. We’re sorry to hear that our plugin did not meet your needs. Please create a support ticket from the following link and we will try to help:

    Kind regards.

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