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  • Resolved Intervik


    I Understand that the front end design is 100% controlling everything. When I delete a single activity in my stream with a Photo or even a Whole album, That photo removes totally from the system.

    The same if I delete ” mr X uploaded new album 4 minutes ago” That whole album removes from the system, including all items, videos and so on.

    Is it how it ment to be ?

    if so : A quick hook then – would be useful to “remove_action add Delete button” on at least “new Album created” activity.

    Does this also mean if I clear the activities in the dashboard – I delete All albums and Items for every user ?

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  • Also, when the album removes, The individual photos are left on the activity stream, with broken links. (no photos, but mr x added a photo X time ago)

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    We need one is to one mapping of activities with albums and media files, so each activity saying updated an album belongs to that album, and each activity saying uploaded a photo, music or video belongs to a media file, so these can’t be managed without each other, so deleting one causes the deletion of other
    Hierarchically the media files are in an album, and once the album is removed, all media files attached to that album are removed as well.

    About the broken links, I’ll look into the issue in the morning.

    Yes, the belongings are the strange part.
    If I delete “You and X are now friends” from my activity stream, I dont delete my friend or stop friendship. I just don wanna show it any more.

    I don think It is a “Who can see” thing, it just how a stream is “architected” in my point of view. But anyway, I only need to know if this is ment to work this way.

    Deleting activity stream items in the dashboard removes the users uploaded media files


    The broken links are then easy that the image is gone but the “frame” of the activity of each photo is left, not removed, only the activity inner content. Of course photos may stay in cache for a while.

    Hmm, seems to be needed to think how to hide/ remove those shells …

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    We missed a small feature. Whenever a user clicks delete button in activity, ask for confirmation. This was planned in 2.2

    This kind of message will be added as soon to avoid surprises.


    Ok, So I then :

    Deleting Activity “New Album created x days ago” from the stream, deletes the whole album and its contents. Leaving Single photos activities left without the photo itselfs

    Deleting “New photo added x days ago” from the stream, deletes the photo from the Album too.

    Deleting activity-stream items in the dashboard backend deleteing the users uploaded media files

    Deleting totally (clearing) activity-stream items in the dashboard backend removes ALL albums and photos from every user

    Closing topic

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    Update: Release 2.2.3 shows in delete confirmation message that album/media files will also be deleted.

    We will improve handling a lot going ahead.

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