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    Just wondering how if I make up a product with say 300 variable that I generate from the PRODUCT. How can I export it and edit in a .cvs file. And then DELETE say 150 of them that are not required.

    As now I need to go to the product and delete each line by hand it just take a long time.

    I”m not looking to buy a new plugin just want to see if it can be done using the WC Export / Import


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    There is an “Export” button at the top of the admin Products page. If you just want to export one product, put it in its own category.

    If you can convert some of your attributes to add-ons, that would reduce the number of variations. There are some free add-on type plugins at



    Not sure what you mean to change some of my ATTRIBUTES to add-ons?

    As here is one of them

    92016 variation Hoodie Slow the BEEP DOWN – Your Street and Beach Name 1 0 visible taxable parent 1 0 0 20 0 45 TeeHatch Adult 119 Model F2016 ATC ES ACTIVE CORE (Softer) 0 Size XS 0 Color Black 0

    But if i go in my .cvs file I just can’t DELETE THIS ROW – is there a way to mark it DELETED. then import it back in and then it will be gone for that Variation

    But if i get a PLUGIN they all want you to pay for them – I just can’t keep buying plugins yet just starting out.




    Say I sell T shirts in 4 sizes and 6 colours, that makes 24 variations. But if I express the colour attribute as a dropdown using an add-on plugin, then I would need only 4 variations, which is more manageable. Ultimately I could have a simple product with 2 dropdowns. The add-on plugin will propogate the customer’s choices through cart, checkout, order and emails.

    Add-ons can’t have their own SKU or image. Some add-on plugins don’t allow the individual add-ons to have a separate price but some do. These restrictions may or may not be a problem for your store. But the objective is to have a more manageable number of variations.

    You can export your product using the built-in export feature from the product list page. Open the resulting csv in your spreadsheet and delete the rows of the variations that you don’t stock. You can’t mark a row as deleted. Save the spreadsheet and import it. This makes a new product with the changed variations. You’ll want to delete the old product. You don’t need another plugin for this method.

    Another approach you could consider is using this free plugin:
    So you would create all variations, then use the plugin to set the stock of the variations that you don’t supply to 0, (quite easy to do with this plugin) and set “Hide out of stock items from the catalog” at WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory

    Either way, ensure the number of variations is less than the variations threshold if you want to prevent customers being able to choose an unavailable variation and then getting the unavailable message.

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    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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