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    We have a WordPress blog on our church site that the pastor updates. The current pastor will be leaving. We will be getting a new pastor. I want to keep the old posts in the old pastor’s name, but revoke all login privileges. What would be the best method?
    1) keep the id as is, change password so he could not login in again
    2) keep id, lower user level, change password
    3) some other trick?

    — Scott

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  • I’d imagine lowering the users capabilities(subscriber, or whatever) would be sufficient or plonking in a super complex password he’ll never get, or a combination of both, though i’d imagine the former negates a need to do the latter.

    Create a test account, set to admin/author, whatever, write a post(mark as private), then use your main admin to change the authors role, and see what happens to the post(if anything). Test if the new account is able to edit the post(after posting and reducing the role).

    Should take a few minutes at most to test… the post only need exist for the duration of the test.

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