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  • Hi,

    Thanks in advance for any help with this!!! I actually already asked this question to one of the forums, but the moderator suggested that I ask the developer/users of my theme (Arcade Basic), so hopefully that’s what I’m doing.

    I would like to delete the Jumbo Headline area, as I don’t wish to put a widget in it, and as it is it just leaves a thick white stripe in between my header image and my “About Us” page that doesn’t look so good.

    Is it possible to delete it? A friend of mine was able to go into the coding area that appears when you left click and click “Inspect”, but he couldn’t see how to save it, so it didn’t stay deleted.

    If I can’t delete it, could the color be changed from white to the purple I have as a background color in the “About Us” area?

    I realize that the purple I have in the border to my header image doesn’t match the purple in my About Us area, but I’ll worry about that later.

    Thanks so much for any help!!!!

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