• Hi Guys,

    What a fantastic plugin!

    Initially I had a site crash. Not when I first installed but when I saved the setting for Social Login. I didn’t know how to get back in my site other than renaming the plugin’s folder using ftp. I then enabled debugging and re-enabled the plugin. The issue was that my Membership plugin also has social commenting so there was a conflict, namely:

    Fatal error: Cannot declare class TwitterOAuth, because the name is already in use in (name of membership plugin’s file).

    Thankfully, I can disable this aspect of my membership plugin but it is worth you considering that might not always be possible.

    Also it was unexpected because I wasn’t saving any Twitter settings, they were blank, I was saving Facebook App ID and Secret at the time.

    Anyway, I hope that helps someone. Here is my support question:

    In Buddypress, we don’t allow users access into the backend dashboard. However, I can’t see where they could “Delete Social Profile” within their usual Buddypress Profile. Have I missed something or does it need to be added?

    Many thanks,

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for the appreciation 🙂
    That conflict was due to the fact that the Membership plugin you are using is not checking if the classes being used for Twitter login in their code are already being used by some other plugin. You can drop them a gentle note regarding the same. In the meantime, if you send me that file of membership plugin, would be happy to send you the fix (updated code).
    Your website-users can’t delete their social profile, but you can do it from the “Users” page in admin panel. There is a column named “Delete Social Profile” that allows website admin to delete social profile data of users.

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