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  • Dear developer,

    I have a particular question in regards to removing, deleting or better said synchronizing users from CSV files to wordpress. Let’s say in my case I have another mysql database which is a “master” database with all users data. I export this data to .csv files periodically and I want so sync this exported data to my wordpress page. What I would like to achieve is having at every moment the exact same situation inside wordpress as it is currently inside the master database.
    For instance, when making first import to wordpress, I have 600 users inside master database. All these users are exported to CSV, then imported into wordpress, everything ok. With next import I have only 550 users still in the master database, some are new, some old, which means that some users have to be updated inside wordpress, some added as new, and some removed, because they don’t exist anymore inside master. Is this somehow doable with your plugin?
    For now, the only way to achieve this in my opinion is to delete completely all wordpress users, and then import all of them again from CSV. This is of course not good in all cases, especially when some users make some changes to their existing accounts.

    What do you suggest would be the best option to achieve this?

    Kind regards, Tomaz.

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