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  • Hello

    So today mySQL base got full and i want make some cleaning
    i m deleting some unusefull plugin but still the table are not delete
    some of theme i can recognize the table in PHPmyadmin but some not
    and it s little bit dangerous if i delete the wrong table by mystake
    so her is my question:

    Is there any pluging who can do the job delete the pluging files
    and table!
    Is there any plugin or way to recognize wich table and it s pluging

    Thanks for help.

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    The plugin should of had a deactivate hook. No there is no plugin that can do that. Created a backup of your database and then the delete the tables you need to.

    I just released a plugin to backup the database

    But if you have access to phpMyAdmin then you can just export your database before doing anything.

    Thank you for Fast Answear.

    and from here here is one Suggestion for all wordpress developper

    If it s possible to add a Checkbox that ask u if u want delete
    pluging Tables…. when we are deleting a plugin
    I think will be usefull to keep database clean

    Thanks again for all wordpress Community.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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