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  • I deleted a page called dashboard and emptied the trash … cleared my browser cache … The recreated that same page … same name – WP won’t let me do that it is adding a -2 ie: dashboard-2
    I need the page to be called dashboard – but it keeps acting like the page is still there??

    Any ideas??

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  • Did you also remove from trash?

    You could go into the mysql database and check to see if the page is still in there, and if it is manually delete it.

    I’m pretty sure that would do the trick without causing any conflicts.

    Anyone want to back that up?

    I’d guess that either there is a record in your permalinks that needs to be deleted, or perhaps there is still a record in the database – I’m not sure that deleting a page deletes all traces of it.

    If it’s a permalink issue I *think* that changing to a different system, like default, then back, might clear it out.

    If that’s not it I’d check the database tables and if it’s there delete it. (If you’re not used to working with databases, be sure to take a backup first in case you delete the wrong thing!)

    Thanks so much for your responses …

    I trashed and emptied all “dashboard” pages … Finally I was able to create a page called dashboard … BUT …. when I type that in – it automatically goes to a different url (dashboard_ol) which was a page that was trashed?

    The dashboard_ol — does not exist so the page is a 404 – BUT – the new page dashboard does exist … and I can’t get there!

    I tried with 3 browsers (and cleared the cache) then tried on another computer… So I am guessing this is in the database … and I am not so sure I want to play with that!

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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