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  • I have few problems – described latter in the post – and possible solution – first in the post – I just need some experienced to check my future steps and to suggest me is it that good or bad idea – and maybe to give me tips where to find solution!

    I have blog beside SMF forum which is for multimedia and similar stuff. I use that blog also for aggregating rss messages – and I have it more than 35000 – now. I want to delete old posts but with some tweaks

    post must be private (all rss post are private – all others are published and must not be affected by this delete function), post must be older than 90 days, post can be in any category if it is private – it can be deleted – like I already mention all others post are published

    I am owner of my own server – and I can use MySql Query Browser which means I can do all those directly on MySql DB

    My DB is more than 350 Mb – which is really heavy – with every day backup I very easily fill the place on my hdd – not fast but – gradually. I think this will reduce my DB size because old post nobody looks any more .….

    I am not professional coder, but I have some little experience with working with db

    How will look command for that

    How to make command for deletion which will consist from checking status (private or published), and which will check date (if post is older than 90 days automatically it must be deleted)
    I suppose that if it is MUST that post is private – nothing other will be affected with that command

    Why I do those

    My publishing now are more and more problematic – and when I want to publish something – I simply must wait very long time for WordPress (I mean MySql) finish its job – it can be even 3-4 min long – just publishing – not to speak about editing that same post – it become painfully long and slow process

    For instance – my smf db has only 86 Mb and contains more that 40.000 posts or topics – whatever – this 35.000 posts in blog are 350 Mb in DB – which is very huge

    My both db – Smf and WordpresS are every day checked, compressed with backup on the end. – Any other suggestion which will be helpful are welcomed

    Thanks in advance

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  • I have got same problem. My Db is full with syndicated posts!
    I tryed auto-delete-posts-plugin but doesn’t works on Db…
    Tryed Bulk delete plugin but doesn’t works on wordpress 2.7

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