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  • Hello to all, since the last version nor the files (/wp-content/backwpup-4269d) nor the Dropbox files are deleted, so i have a copy diary to delete manually.
    my Dropbox directory is /Backup/ and for the files is /wp-content/backwpup-4269d/
    so, no spaces. and always has work perfectly until now…
    please, ghelp
    thanks very much

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  • Hi Asis,
    thanks for getting back to us. Meanwhile, Daniel has posted a possible solution
    < href=”″>here:

    Are your backup archive files named the same as before you’ve updated BackWPup? For example, if your backup file names looked something like, this is the name scheme BackWPup keeps looking for now when it tries to delete old backup files from Dropbox. If you’ve changed the name scheme to, let’s say;, files with the new name scheme now should be deleted as expected when reaching the maximum number in the folder, while files with the old name scheme simply wouldn’t be recognized by the plugin.

    Does that help?

    thanks Caspar, i never touch the name.
    for example: diarioelectronicohoy_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%i-%s
    and i see in the ftp there are a lot of zip files exactly but with diferent dates (of course).

    I have the same issue here. In sites with an older version of the plugin, the rotation is working fine (2.1.17, for example). But in version 3.0.5 or 3.0.4, logs are registering this:

    ERROR: Can not delete “path/of/file” on FTP server!

    The names of files have the same structure, only with diferent dates.

    I’ve tested exactly the same configuration of a job backup in version 2.1.17 and in version 3.0.5 to a FTP host. In the older version the rotation happens correctly: the new file is transferred and the oldest file is deleted soon afterwards, like expected. However, in the 3.0.5 version, the new file is transferred, but the oldest could not be removed and the logs register: “ERROR: Can not delete “path/of/file” on FTP server!”. I insist, the configuration of two jobs is excactly the same and the names of files have exactly the same structure. Any suggestion about?

    To be more precise: same hosts, origin (separate installations) and destiny (FTP host), same user, same permissions.

    Just to inform that this problem is solved in 3.0.7 version. I’ve updated now and tested. Everything is working fine with file deletion. Thanks to all.

    Best regards,

    Luiz Ricardo

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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