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    Hopefully someone may be able to help me with a WordPress problem that may be in the theme area.

    This problem came about after I deleted the top posting from the opening page of my blog.
    This was done by using the delete feature at this page:

    Then I discovered that the opening page no longer had a sidebar. Scrowling down I discover the right sidebar at the bottom of the left column.

    I have not played with any of the code.

    Through the duration of this problem (several days now) with the post page, the Pages on this blog are running correctly. This is the main (left) column and a sidebar (right) column and appearing side-by-side.

    Someone I know who uses WordPress suggested that I move a </div> code. That made no diffence.

    Then I thought of changing the theme. I changed the theme from WordPress Defaut to WordPress Classic. The sidebar problem isn’t apparent in the “Classic” theme. Unfortunately I don’t like how the text is delt with here, plus there was a bold paragraph that shouldn’t be there. The HTML view shows no bolding. A mystery.

    My friend suggested I try another style. I picked Ocada which looks reasonably good, especially the type style and the sectioning off of the side bar.

    Unfortunately with Ocada the sidebar drops to the bottom of the left column, much like it does in WordPress Default.

    I’ve left in the Ocada theme. It seems to me that there would be something telling about this problem by comparing the apparently problematic Ocada and WordPress Default code with the WordPress Classic code. Someplace specific is a difference that makes the two themes not work properly, while the other to work properly (other than it’s ugly design).

    I do not have a programming background so I’m not equiped to search for the solution to this problem. I’d like to use WordPress for my blog though some things about it are very mysterious to me.

    I’ve been waiting to announce the posting of a new story on my blog until this is cleared up.

    I’m hoping the problem can be easily defined by someone who knows more about this than I.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    -Lee Batdorff

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  • Lee,

    I believe your problem is in the post titled “Introducing Circle Interview Series with interview of Margaret Carney, Case Architect”.

    Was the process of writing this post similar to the others? Because in that one if you view the source you have a lot of <div align="left"> and <p align="left"> If you view the source in the other posts they don’t have these.

    So what I think is happening is that these arbitrary <div> tags are inheriting properties from your style.css file and that is throwing your design out of alignment.

    So having said all that, go into your WordPress admin and navigate to where you are editing the post in question. Replace everything in the Post box with the text only and then save it. See if that fixes your layout.

    Let me know if this works because if it doesn’t then we can try a few more things.

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